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We provide functional fitness programs especially designed for Mum's & Mum's to be at all ages and stages of life.

Active Mum has been featured in Body and Soul and is recognized by hundreds of Hills district women for providing the best health and fitness services in NSW for mothers & pregnant women.  

Whether you are working out with or without your babies & children, our programs will support you in becoming the healthiest and most amazing woman you can be. 

Unlike intimidating gyms and bootcamps where you are just a number, our clients say they most love how we work around any injuries or conditions you may have and  provide an environment where you feel comfortable, supported and nurtured every step of the way.  



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  • How to Be A 'Hot Bikini Mum' At Any Age: 7 Simple Steps For Getting Your Body Back Now
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Call or complete the form below to request a consultation with one of our Active Mum team members. This consultation is specifically designed for mums at all ages and stages of life. Whether you are pregnant, have a new born baby, a toddler, school age children, teenagers, adult children or you are a grandmother, this consultation is specifically designed for you. Goals are much more achievable when you have a well thought-out plan of action. We'll help you get yours together so you can start working toward being the most amazing woman you can be!

          Simply by submitting the form below...  

What to expect during your FREE 1-on-1 consultation:

  • Detailed look at your goals    

We delve deep into your goals, background, and circumstances so we can recommend EXACTLY how to help YOU succeed.

  • Recommend a program

Once we know your goals in detail we match you with the best program and give you the opportunity to sign on as an Active Mum member.

  • Map out YOUR success path  

Based on your evaluation, we provide actionable, step-by-step advice on how you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • Ensure the right fit

Our program isn't for every one and we turn away candidates all the time. During your consultation we can test out if you're the right fit for us, and if we're the right fit for you.    

To book your FREE consultation, click below and I'll get in contact with you shortly...  

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0409 248 833 / 1300 383 361  


Active Pregnancy Active Mum - Indoor & Outdoor Options
Rouse Hill

Located in the Hills Shire Area since 2009.


To provide ladies with the inspiration, motivation

and support they need to live happy, healthy, lives.


Enabling Mums to be the most amazing women they can be.




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