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Enabling Mums To Be The Most Amazing Women They Can Be, By Providing Ladies With The Inspiration, Motivation & Support They Need To Live Happy, Healthy Lives!


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THE BEST Active Mum Programs IN Rouse Hill

Our mission at Active Mum is to empower Mums and mums to be to look and feel their best, to live healthy, happy active lives. We provide functional fitness programs designed especially for women. We are all about the Mums, Pregnant Mums, Mums of school children, mums of new born babies, mums with toddlers, mums with adult children. We are the place that Mums come to get fit & healthy. Keeping women fit, healthy and in shape for the rest of their lives, is what we are all about at Active Mum. Our workouts are designed especially for pregnant women and mums with babies or children of any age. Our classes incorporate all facets of functional fitness including Cardiovascular training, Strength & Flexibility training.

We hold separate Pre Natal exercise classes, Mum & Bub Exercise classes, Women's Boot Camp, HITT classes, Boxing classes and pilates. We understand the vital differences in training requirements for women at these different stages in life. We also understand that women and men have very different bodies, and as a result need to be trained differently in order to achieve the best & most effective results, in a safe manner. The difference between the male & female body affect training considerations relating to the pelvic floor, deep abdominal muscles & pelvis. We specialise in training women, getting awesome results for women, keeping women fit & healthy for a life time.


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Active Mum Programs in Rouse Hill - Active Mum

Rouse Hill


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Active Mum Programs in Rouse Hill - Active Mum

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