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Awesome Abdominals - Your Mid-Section Make-Over

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  • Would you like to get your pre-baby stomach back?
  • Are your abdominals and pelvic floor not what they use to be?
  • Has pregnancy left you with abdominal separation or weakness?

If the answer is YES, we have just the program for you!

This course is for any women that has ever had a baby and is not happy with the way her stomach looks. It will help you reshape "the mummy tummy", and have you confident in a swim suit again. We all have four layers of abdominal muscle that shape your mid-section and support the lower back. There are many reasons why the abs can weaken and lose shape: past pregnancies, abdominal surgery, sitting for hours a day at a desk, to name a few.Incorrect abdominal exercises will not flatten the stomach, often traditional abdominal exercises prevent the "Mummy tummy" ever going back to its pre-pregnancy state.

This course will help you:

  • Develop a strengthened CORE
  • Improve the function & strength of the pelvic floor
  • Strengthen abdominal muscles, flatten stomach and re-shape waistline
  • Improve muscle balance, reverse muscle imbalances, which can cause back injuries & postural problems
  • Check for overstretched connective tissue due to past pregnancies;
  • Improve back health by strengthening the structures directly responsible for spinal health & injury prevention.
  • Improve posture, stand straighter instantly
  • Improve deep abdominal stability
  • Regain control of abdominal muscles that have been cut from surgery
  • Demonstrate quick and easy ways to work your core/ abdominals everyday.
  • Ultimately, learning the correct & safe way to strengthen your “abs” is a sure-fire strategy to an improved appearance and a healthier body - just what the Doctor ordered!

2016 Course Dates-Book Now( 2015 courses sold out weeks in advance)

Awesome Abdominal Course Details:

Course Start Date:

Course 1: Starts Wednesday 10th August , weekly at 2pm (children welcome at this session)


Course 2: Starts Wednesday 17th August, weekly at 6pm Course


  • 6 Face to face group sessions
  • Awesome Abdominal Manual- Contains all of the exercises and material taught in the course

Cost: $299

***Add a one on one core assessment & activation session for only $80!

***If these dates do not suit you, we also offer a personal training version of this course for only $499. These classes consist of 5, 30 min personal training sessions that focus entirely on your core!

Book Now( 2015 courses sold out weeks in advance)

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