Holiday Flash Sale #7

Offer #7: $399 for Active Mum Rebuild You- 10 Week Postnatal Restoration Online Program (save $300)

Being a Mum and staying in shape isn’t easy, but at Active Mum we are going to make it a little easier. Whether you are a new mum or have a full house, our expert team and proven programs will get you back on track and feeling confident, energetic, strong, supported & healthy. Just like you used to. 

We are extremely proud and excited about our 10 Week Rebuilding YOU- Postnatal Restoration Program. This amazing course is all about rebuilding the muscles and internal structures after having bub, so the body/ core/ pelvic floor/ back/ joints etc return to their pre-pregnancy state and better. Its all about Rebuilding you from the inside out. 

The program has a big education element as well as workouts specifically targeting the areas we need to target as a mum after having bub

Here’s what you will get! 

  • Regain your pre-baby body! Be even better than you were before.

  • Rebuild your pelvic floor safely with our expert post-natal team.

  • Learn to take care of your back and get pain free for life. You’ve got prams to carry and babies to lift!

  • Learn to properly activate your core after birth and lose your mummy tummy safely and for good!

  • Learn correct posture and techniques to fix the “mummy posture” that we adopt when feeding and carrying babies 
  • Learn how to lift and hold baby, prams, capsules safely and effectively

  • Learn exercises to help correct abdominal separation & weakness

  • A fun, safe and effective workout program that gets results

  • Connections with other mums just like you. Learn together, support each other and be an amazing mum for your family!

  • Access to our “Rebuilding You”online training platform and videos
  • The Rebuilding YOU take home manual

SPECIAL BONUS; This specialised program also includes our proven- Pre-Baby Body nutrition plan to accelerate your results and learn healthy eating habits to share with your family.

This is just for mums, designed by mums and taught by mums. We understand you and your babies needs and have supported 1000’s of mums just like you to be the most amazing women they can be.

If you haven’t bounced back as well as you would of liked, and need some extra support to find the old you, we are here and ready to help you.

Grab yours before it’s gone by emailing us at or call us quickly at 1300-383-361


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