What Are You Waiting For? Pilates Will Strengthen Your Core, Increase Your Flexibility & So Much More


Strengthen, tone & sculpt your entire body with our invigorating Group Pilates classes. Increase core stability, improve posture, correct muscle imbalances, improve back pain. Suitable for all ages & abilities. We have specialised classes for Pregnancy, Post Natal, Mum & Bub, and Seniors.

Pilates lengthens and strengthens & stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

We have developed an innovative pilates program using a blend of Clinical Pilates exercises, and traditional physiotherapy exercises, to improve the effectiveness of the program. It aims to bridge the gap between Physiotherapy & gym exercises.

Class Types:

Mum & Bub Pilates - Gain your former body back with some strength and core targeted exercises!

As every supermodel mum will tell you, adding Pilates to your post baby workout regime can make all the difference. Cardiovascular exercise is essential, but so is working on strength, metabolism and postural re-balancing. This is where Pilates comes in, helping to rebuild total body strength & tone, with a focus on restoring the Core.

Build strength

The hormone relaxin is produced during pregnancy and creates ligament laxity to allow the structures of the body to adapt to growing the baby and birth processes. Relaxing can stay in the body for up to two years post birth and must be considered when trying to re-strengthen and add load to muscles. Pilates is a perfect way to increase muscle strength, metabolism and burn calories, without stressing the ligaments and joints of the body.

Rebuild the core

Another benefit is how Pilates works the abdominals. It delivers perfect post-natal stomach strength where diastasis is often present. Diastasis is a separation of the rectus abdominal muscle and requires diligent "drawing in" of the abdominals when exercising or it will not heal or may even worsen. Directing the abdominals toward the spine and strengthening the deepest layers helps heal diastasis as well as stimulate the digestive organs and activate deep lymph nodes. This creates enhanced digestive processing and toxin removal, both factors that will increase the body's ability to remove excess fluids and baby weight.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, upper back and legs, and re-establishing good posture are important for new mums, but also to withstand any impact of walking or other cardiovascular exercise necessary post birth. Pilates targets all these areas without putting the body under impact, and can make the post-natal body stronger than before.

Prenatal Pilates - Pilates strengthens your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints, so it's a great exercise to do when you're pregnant.

The main benefit of pilates is that it targets the exact muscles and functions that can be a problem during pregnancy and after birth, in a safe way. Some research suggests that doing pilates regularly can be as effective as doing pelvic floor exercises.

Doing regular pilates will help to:

  • Strengthen your tummy muscles, which equips your body better to cope with the strains caused by the weight of your growing baby. Hormones make the tissues (ligaments) that connect your bones more pliable in pregnancy, making you more prone to injury
  • Reduces back pain, by exercising the deepest tummy muscles that stabilise your back and pelvis. Weak muscles can lead to back or pelvic pain Strengthen your pelvic floor, which will help to support your bowel, bladder and uterus (womb) as your baby grows and moves down. This may prevent you from leaking small amounts of wee when you cough or sneeze.
  • Helps with balance, as you may feel a little more clumsy, or that your balance isn’t as good as usual. Pilates exercises strengthen your core and may make you more stable when you walk as your bump grows.
  • Takes the strain off your back and pelvis, by using positions such as going on your hands and knees, which is a great position for pregnancy. Towards the end of your pregnancy, it may also help to get your baby into the right position for birth.
  • Relax and control your breathing, which is important for pregnancy and labour

Pilates In Castle Hill Will Put You On The Journey Back To Your Pre-Baby Body!

Health Benefits of Pilates include:

  • Improved flexibility  
  • Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body)
  • Balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body
  • Enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs
  • Improved stabilisation of your spine
  • Improved posture
  • Rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to muscle imbalances
  • Improved physical coordination and balance
  • Relaxation of your shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased body awareness
  • Stress management and relaxation.

Pilates caters for everyone - from beginner to advance - and are taught to suit each person and exercises are regularly re-evaluated to ensure they are appropriate for that person. Due to the individual attention, this method can suit everybody from elite athletes to people with limited mobility, pregnant women and people with low fitness levels.

What To wear & bring to class:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Wear comfortable light clothing, that is not restrictive, and breaths well
  • Water bottle (staying well hydrated is very important)
  • Towel
  • Good supportive sandshoes
  • Baby / child needs
  • Please have something to eat about an hour before class, i.e. a banana or sandwich, and pack a snack for after or during class

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