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    If I had a dollar for everyone that told me how busy they are with various events and parties through this month and coming up to Christmas, I would be able to afford to put on another party to invite them to and add to their busy schedule! Lets be honest, we are all always crazy busy this time of year. Everyone wants things done before the new-year, people want to celebrate various things or get together for catch-ups and that means food, food and more food and, although I don’t drink myself, generally these events mean a significant amount of alcohol also! It is a standard thing within our society that when we get together, we need to have food and lets be honest, its rarely ....

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  • Getting To The Next Level

    We all exercise for a reason. Whether it’s to tone muscles, increase fitness, lose weight, be able to do a fun run or even just to be able to keep up with the kids, we all have our reason for coming to classes and doing exercise. In order to achieve any of these goals, this requires us to push ourselves and even work our muscles more than our muscles are telling us they like! If we are to push our bodies to achieve the next level of fitness, we need to be trying to work outside of our comfort zone and quite often its not our muscles that struggle, its our mind. For example, I actually hate running long distances. Growing up, I competed at State carnivals in 100 or 200m sprints and ....

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  • HOW FIT ARE YOU? by Mel

    I know of late, Julie had been talking about the importance of regular fitness assessments, as they really are a fantastic way to keep you on track and stay motivated. However sometimes I chat to girls and ask them about booking in a fitness assessment and they say they want to wait until they get a bit fitter. This has lately caused me to think about how we see ourselves, not so much what we see in the mirror, but more how we see our fitness levels. When I teach classes, I constantly see girls who are achieving amazing things fitness-wise and increasing their fitness levels so much week to week. But how often do you take the time to appreciate that? Just over 12 months ago, I was ....

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  • The Secrets Successful People Use to Achieve Their Goals

    We are one month into 2016 and only a bit over a month ago, you made your resolutions and decided that THIS is going to be your year. You started with the best of intentions, but now it’s February and you haven’t hit those New Year’s resolutions (or the gym) with the vigor you intended. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, statistically less than 10% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. With that in mind, today I want to talk about goal setting - why so many people fail at it and the secrets behind success. Success begins with dreaming big, but setting small, achievable goals with a time frame to them. The key is always keeping your motivation in mind whilst celebrating the small ....

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  • Class FAQ

    What to wear & bring to class
    Wear comfortable light clothing, that is not restrictive, and breaths well.
    Water Bottle ( staying well hydrate is very important)
    Good supportive sandshoes
    Pram for Mum & Bub (Outdoor classes only)
    Rug or Mat for Baby to lay on grass (Outdoor classes only)
    Baby / child needs (Outdoor classes only)
    Please have something to eat about an hour before class, ie a banana or sandwich, and pack a snack for after or during class.
    Sunscreen & hat (Outdoor classes only)
    Exercise, Pregnancy & Motherhood

    Pregnancy & motherhood are exciting and beautiful times in a women’s life. During the 40 weeks of pregnancy the body will undergo dramatic ....

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  • How to Overcome Winter Weight Gain

    Today, we’re taking a hard look at winter weight gain. It’s a common problem - people tend to pack on a few kilos during the winter months. But we want to fight back, and we hope you will join us. Let’s be a winner through Winter this year! We’ll have less to deal with when the warmer weather comes and we can shed the bulky winter clothing. The good, the bad…and the solution Although winter weight gain varies from person to person, research shows the average gain to be 2.5-3.5 kilos! Some people gain this extra weight because they have Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)—a type of winter depression. But most of us can’t blame winter depression for our tendency to pick up extra weight ....

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  • All About The Abdominals / CORE

    Core Stability Core control is the ability of specific deep muscles to brace & support the spine, & pelvis. Research has demonstrated that healthy deep abdominal & back muscles contract to “splint” the lumbar vertebrae, providing support for movement such as throwing, lifting or running. In fact, these deep muscles are required to support virtually every movement, even those that are not heavy or extreme. Without adequate stabilisation, the risk of injury rises. For a number of years abdominal curls were recommended to help your back. Research now shows that although we were on the right track, we were focusing on the wrong muscles. The outer abdominals- such as those used in ....

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